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Michael Cohen hired an IT expert named John Gauger to falsely rig an online poll at the Drudge Report, according to reports today by the Wall Street Journal. After the story broke, Cohen tweeted that he did so at the express direction of then candidate Donald Trump.

Setting aside the ethics of attempting to rig a poll in one's favor, it is clearly an effort to influence an election. Trump's business paid $50,000 to Cohen for this purpose. It is illegal for corporations to make payments regarding elections in coordination with a federal candidate, which this certainly was. Further, all campaign related expenses need to be reported to the Federal Elections Commission, which this was not.

Mr. Cohen earlier plead guilty to making campaign related expenditures to adult film star Stormy Daniels in order to keep her from publicly revealing an affair with Donald Trump during a critical phase of his campaign. Cohen has also indicated he did so with the knowledge and direction of Mr. Trump.

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