Police continue to change facts in fatal shooting of Emantic Bradford


“(The officer) saw a Black man with a gun and he made his determination that he must be a criminal,” said the family attorney for the man shot.

According the CNN, on Thanksgiving night, an altercation occurred at Riverchase Galleria Mall where two men allegedly engaged in a fight and one was shot by the other. Addressing the scene, one police officer saw 21-year old Emantic Bradford and shot him to death, mistaking him as the suspect.

Since the incident, Hoover police have continued to issue statements with new facts. Initially, the department claimed that Bradford had “brandished” a gun, showing a weapon in an aggressive way. However, later the same day police stated that he did not brandish a gun, but had one in his hand, prompting officers to react.

As the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has taken over the investigation, Bradford’s parents have made statements regarding their sons death, stating that they were not contacted by officers even days after his death. The family attorney, Ben Crump, told CNN that Bradford had a permit to carry a concealed weapon and was trying to help people in the mall at the time he was shot.

The state is continuing to investigate the incident while the suspect remains at large and while holding back footage from the public. “Show us the video,” said Crump. “Your words man nothing to them.”