In broad daylight, an attacker approached seventeen-year-old Elijah Al-Amin from behind and stabbed him in the back before slitting his throat as he stood in front of a convenience store soda machine in Phoenix, AZ. He died at the hospital.

Al-Amin's murderer claimed the rap music made him feel 'unsafe' but the proximity needed to slit someone's throat implies a sense of rage, not fear. The attacker stalked Al-Amin following him into the Circle K convenience store, a clear sign of a predator.

Last July, Nia Wilson was murdered in a similar unprovoked, racially motivated attack on BART in Oakland CA.

Our communities of color are being racially terrorized with everything from 9-1-1 calls to these public lynchings. They are meant to scare. Scare people into silence. Drive us into hiding.

We need to call these vicious and horrific attacks and treat them as what they are: hate crimes.


Should I Call The Cops