U.S. Court of Appeals nominee Neomi Rao would expand 45s powers


Trump announced the nomination of Neomi Rao to the U.S. Court of Appeals at a White House Diwali ceremony last week. According to The Atlantic, Rao has been an active member in the Federalist Society as well as the founder of a Libertarian-leaning academic center at George Mason University which has been strongly supported by Charles Koch.

Rao also shares Brett Kavanaugh’s position of supporting Presidential immunity from civil lawsuits and criminal investigations. She’s also a strong proponent for reducing the size of the regulatory state. The Atlantic stated that she once proposed to allow the President to fire an independent agency head “at will.” Actions like these would not only expand the power of the President, but could also allow the unbridled firing of agency heads for actions that do not promote specific policy agendas.