Tell @GregAbbott_TX to #ListenToMitesh and Save Christopher Young's Life


In 2004, Christopher Young killed Hasmukh Patel. Young was subsequently sentenced to death for murder. After initially supporting this sentence, the victim's son, Mitesh Patel, had a change of heart, realizing that killing Young would never bring back his father and only rob three other children of theirs. Since last year, Patel has tirelessly advocated clemency for Young, calling for a life sentence rather than the execution, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Earlier this year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott granted clemency in a similar case based on the recommendation of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole but Young's petition, despite Patel's fervent support, was rejected. The primary difference in the two cases: the other incarcerated man was white.

Young's only hope now is a hail mary. Governor Abbott should at least meet with Mitesh Patel to listen to his plea for Young's clemency. Please share this story, re-post, re-tweet, or re-gram so Governor @GregAbbott_TX will hear the public demand to #ListenToMitesh and #SaveChrisYoung. ​ You can also call Governor Abbott's Director of Communications Matt Hirsch at (512) 463-1826​ or ​send Governor Abbott a​n e-mail to his campaign at info@gregabbott​.com.

Watch Mitesh, Cristopher and his daughter, Chrishelle, in their own words: