Good News: #CountMeIn, Natural hair, #ODAAT & a Subway Sing-along


#CountMeIn Win

After last week's Supreme Court ruling, the Trump administration dropped their effort to include a citizenship question in the 2010 census.This is entirely due to organizing and advocacy of the racial justice and immigrant rights movements. Had they succeeded, it would have caused so much fear and undercounting. Lesson: organizing still wins.

California Votes to Protect Natural Hair

Once Governor Gavin Newsom signs SB 188, California will become the first state to ban workplace and school discrimination of natural hair. The bill includes language to ensure that employers can't deem natural Black hair "unprofessional" or "unhygienic." New York City made a similar move this year to expand the definition of race to include hairstyles. The measures expand current anti-discrimination laws that couldn't stop schools from sending kids with natural hair home or employers from forcing people to straighten or cut their hair. Lesson: attacking the mechanisms of discrimination, FTW.

#SaveODAAT To The Rescue

I joined the rallying cry to #SaveODAAT and am so grateful to everyone who kept pushing for the show to get renewed. Last week POP network announced that we'll be getting season four of One Day At A Time. Lesson: it ain't over til it's over.

A Subway Commute + Backstreet Boys = Heart Feels

I'm no stranger to subway performances but this one was special: an entire Subway car broke into song together. Civil rights attorney Joel Wertheimer captured some of the "I Want It That Way" moment before shutting off his phone to enjoy it. Lesson: sing-alongs are awesome.