Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Our Contribution to the OneABQChallenge

Edgar Cruz

Take a listen to our latest podcast featuring First Lady, Elizabeth Kistin Keller, who fills us in on her goals as First Lady and the inspiration for her initiative, the One ABQ Challenge! Learn about the lifelong advocacy work of Elena Giacci, and about the conception of South Valley Academy and how education creates change with Alan Marks.

The one ABQ Challenge is an initiative from the City of Albuquerque Mayor’s office and the First Lady to encourage cross-generational civic engagements and creativity in our community. Generation Justice is participating in the One ABQ Challenge by bringing together GJ youth media makers and Civil Rights activists here in Albuquerque! GJ youth will have the opportunity to hear the lived experiences of elders who have dedicated their lives to social justice activism in our city and share their audio histories with you.



Generation Justice