10 Women Over 50 Who Are Changing the World


Finally, an award that includes the word "over," in a world of "30 under 30" and "40 under 40" awards.

I grew up reading my mom's Good Housekeeping magazines, mostly for the excerpts from romance novels. The magazine has been through lots of updates in the last few decades, and done a good job of keeping up with social changes, including the wide set of interests that women take up. This is the most amazing list of ten remarkable women, especially remarkable for me because I know half of them!

Sujatha Jesudason, pictured above, is one of the brightest lights in reproductive justice work, and I just had breakfast with her last week.

Kimberlé Crewnshaw is the director of the African American Policy Center and the coiner of "intersectionality" to describe a politics of the whole person. I also highly recommend reading the law review articles where she lays out her theory. Here's Mapping the Margins.

Heather Booth is a founder of Citizen Action and the Midwest Academy, and my first organizing job was in partnership with the Midwest Academy. I highly recommend this documentary about this organizing powerhouse. Having organizers included in a list like this makes me so happy, and indicates how much organizing has gone mainstream. When I got out of college and became an organizer some three decades ago, gosh, the amount of explaining I had to do about what it was.

You can celebrate all of the women here.