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Portland is a dead city, a nightmarish dystopia ruled by criminals associated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. (Is there still a distinction between those groups? They seem effectively to have merged.) We are all indebted to Andy Ngo for documenting the depths to which Portland has descended. Here, Antifa/BLM criminals viciously assault a man who was driving a truck, finally kicking him in the head, knocking him unconscious and leaving him for dead:   (see below bold type)

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Here, the Antifa/Black Lives Matter fascists attack a woman who might be that man’s wife–this is unclear–and knock her to the pavement:

The Antifa/Black Lives Matter criminals assault and rob another guy:

There is much more at Andy Ngo’s Twitter feed.

I don’t see how Portland can come back from the current disaster. Who would want to live in such a hellhole? No one. Seattle may be in the same doomed position, with other cities, like Chicago, Minneapolis and New York, teetering on the brink. Pretty much everyone who can get out of these cities, is getting out.

The most remarkable thing, to me, is that I am not aware of a single Democratic Party politician who has condemned the violence and grotesque criminality of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. As far as I can tell, the Democratic Party is on the side of the vicious criminals whom we see in the above videos. So the lines in November’s election are more clearly drawn than ever: Good–or at least normality!–vs. evil.  read more at Power Line Blog. (used by permission)