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With Trump now ancient history in the young minds of its most ardent followers, the Progressive movement is eager to unify the country.  This is to be achieved not so much by communication and compromise of course, but by fixing the wrong thinking of Trump voters.  

As always, the perspicacious Victor Davis Hanson substantially contributes to the discussion in The River of Forgetfullness, a new essay in which he outlines how the Left has already demonstrated the ability to control what we are to hear and remember, and what we can be expected to remember and forget in the name of unification;

"So we are beginning a great reprogramming of America. The construction of Trump and all of his supporters as abettors, terrorists, seditionists, and traitors is certainly proving useful. After the Capitol conundrum, we have seen over the past two weeks a coordinated and synchronized effort by Amazon, Twitter, and Google to destroy Parler, a small conservative-friendly rival to their social media and internet monopolies. More of such humanitarian taking care of business will follow—all as preemption for the most leftwing agenda in a half-century now rolling out."

Once America correctly understands that 74 million people are directly responsible for the the Capitol riots along with their favored candidate for the the 2020 election, the reprogramming can begin;

"We are to forget that even daring to voice worry about the sanctity of the 2020 election is in itself seditionary. We are to be deprogrammed to wipe away all memory that for years members of Congress and democratic grandees—including former president Jimmy Carter—described Trump as an illegitimately elected president. We are to forget that Hillary Clinton said repeatedly that she was robbed of her actual “victory,” and advised Joe Biden “never” to concede if he lost."

"We are to forget that the Left sued to nullify the 2016 election on grounds that voting machines were fraudulent. Hollywood stars ran commercials urging the electors to become insurrectionaries and to undermine their constitutional mandates." 

For those who need a thorough review of 1984 and can't get their hands on a copy, read the entire essay by Hanson at AMERICAN GREATNESS.

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