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Yesterday the Biden campaign declared yet another so-called lid on his campaign appearances. After President Trump mocked him — for “wav[ing ] a white flag on life,” while speaking with reporters at one of his three Pennsylvania rallies — the Biden campaign briefly lifted the lid.

Biden made an unscheduled appearance outside his basement across the border in Chester, Pennsylvania, less than 20 miles from home. You can’t be too careful. C-SPAN has posted the whole thing here.

Biden gave prepared remarks criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the epidemic at about 18:00 of the video. He invited press questions at about 23:00 of the video.

In response to a question about his “light public schedule,” Biden stated: “We’re constantly — there has not been a day that hasn’t been a 12-hour day yet.” If true, that must include a lot of time in the basement.

Biden’s appearance made for a contrast with Trump’s three rallies, but he held it together for 28 minutes. It probably helped that he didn’t have to field a single question about the material on the hard drive of Hunter’s laptop. Amazing how that works. read more

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