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One of the most discouraging things about the present moment is how few Republican leaders are speaking out forcefully against the central point of the current protests and wave of ill-liberalism it has unleashed, namely, that George Floyd’s death is proof of America’s essential racist and evil character. Instead, most Republicans are talking policy, police reform ideas, reforming qualified immunity, and the like. The parallel conversation among shell-shocked liberals on the ill-liberalism of “cancel culture” grinds along, but is also pathetically defensive at the end of the day. To the spectacle of Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders kneeling in the Capitol in faux-African costume, where is the counter-demonstration of Republicans outside on the Capitol steps standing up for the country with the red-white-and-blue flying?

One exception is Sen. Tom Cotton, who just last night on the Senate floor made a strong statement that included this important passage:

“I will say this, the cancel culture, whether in its Maoist or its Jacobin forms, ultimately is animated by a single idea,that America, at its core, is fundamentally irredeemable and wicked,” Cotton concluded. “I reject that claim fully, wholeheartedly. America is a great and noble nation, the noblest nation in the history of mankind, that has struggled throughout our history, imperfectly but ceaselessly, to live up to our founding creed that all men are created equal. The single greatest defense against tyranny, against racism, against oppression. [Those are] the stakes of this debate.” 

For another statement that everyone ought to read in full, and pass along to their local and national elected officials, comes from our friends at the Claremont Institute, “America Is Not Racist.” It’s short, so here is the whole thing (with a few of my own highlights):

Thomas D. Klingenstein
Ryan P. Williams
The Claremont Institute
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