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In a desperate push to reverse everything Donald Trump accomplished, Joe Biden now pursues a policy that is attracting illegal immigrants to the southern border.  As explained by John Hinderaker in an expansive piece over at Power Line Blog:

Biden fulfilled these promises by using the first week of his presidency to issue 40 Executive Orders that were radically left and whose only unifying theme was that they were each designed to obliterate a policy of Donald Trump – because it was a policy of Donald Trump, whether the policy was beneficial or not.

Biden began with a series of new orders to open America’s southern border – suspending deportations, stopping the border wall, and ending the Mexican quarantine of people trying to get into the country illegally. Biden’s new order was to just let them in. What could possibly be the rationale for making this a priority in the midst of a pandemic, with new mutations of the virus springing up globally? Why encourage an influx of potentially millions of unvetted illegal aliens (a descriptive phrase, by the way, he also ordered banned as part of his party’s campaign to outlaw politically incorrect thought)?  

Read the whole essay HERE; it's well worth the time. (used with permission).

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