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Yesterday a man with a knife charged two police officers in Philadelphia. They retreated while yelling at the man to drop his knife. He continued chasing them, and they shot him. This is the video:

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There would be no story here if the man with the knife had been white, Asian or Hispanic, but because he was black, the city has exploded in violence. The Free Beacon headlines: “30 Officers Injured in Anti-Police Protests in Philadelphia.” Pro tip: If 30 officers were injured, they weren’t “protests.”​

At least 30 police officers were injured in Philadelphia on Monday night—including one sergeant who was hit by a truck—while responding to anti-police riots.

… NBC 10 Philadelphia reported that rioters then set police cars and dumpsters on fire and looted stores and restaurants.

Because setting fires and stealing stuff is how BLM/Antifa elements “protest.”

Rioters also threw rocks and other projectiles at dozens of officers, who were later taken to the hospital. The sergeant who was hit by a truck sustained a broken leg but is in stable condition.

If there is a silver lining to this story, it is the likelihood that rioting in Philadelphia will help to put Pennsylvania firmly in the Trump column.

UPDATE: This video by the great Andy Ngo shows Philadelphians grieving over the death of the knife man by looting a clothing store. This will universally be reported in the liberal press as a “protest.” read more