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Embarrassment and Shame

January 7, 2021 - My 4 year-old granddaughter recently surprised her parents with behavior familiar to anyone who's raised a child; when she doesn't get her way, she breaks her toys in front of them. If this happened in public, they would be embarrassed, but hijinks are expected in youngsters and are part of normal development. Good parents weather the storms of angry children, in the hope that one day they will mature into responsible adults.

As I observed the fires, riots and unrest brought about by the extreme leftist elements of the BLM movement and Antifa, I thought, these are the worst of the irresponsible, spoiled kids who never learned to control themselves; it's embarrassing to see young people in their 20's and 30's support socialism, and to break things which hard-working adults built for them, but I reasoned that many will learn the value of civilized behavior, especially if the criminals are "corrected" with the shame of a jail term.

Though the vast majority of the BLM and Antifa protests were peaceful, or at least not violent, the rampaging mobs connected with that movement who destroyed property, businesses and terrorized citizens should have born (but did not) full responsibility for the mayhem. The mass media helpfully explained that violence was the natural outcome of questionable police conduct, that unfashionable words were themselves violent and worthy of physical retaliation. According to the Democrats and media, no shame should ever be attached to this sort of animalistic behavior, which in itself can be construed as a sly form of racism, but that's for another post.

Thus, certain people are treated with the expectation they will misbehave well into adulthood, especially if the cause is a fashionably righteous one.

Emergence of an extreme wing of overzealous Trump supporters (along with enthusiastic anarchists and some Antifa plants) was bound to happen eventually; like BLM, the vast majority of the protests at the Capitol were peaceful, with the mostly older crowds never setting foot in the buildings. That the movement known for its law-abiding citizenry is now subject to this kind of scrutiny is more than embarrassing; it's personally shameful, and the Left will plan to take full advantage of that perception. ​

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