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American secular Christmas, despite the efforts of certain sourpuss movements , persists as a cross cultural event that people of all faiths may partake. Within my circle of family and friends, Jews, Muslims, and even atheists decorate a tree with the same hokey enthusiasm that my siblings and I enjoyed growing up Catholic.

Christmas in the U.S.A. remains a day that we toss aside our differences, the best we can, and focus on loving or at least tolerating each other. It is perhaps why so many object to the politically correct "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings"; those passive, lackluster, stand-offish, safety first greetings. Merry Christmas! is a great big old verbal hug and aggressive invitation to be happy.

Especially this year. 2020, for many Americans, has been one of the worst years in our collective lives. This year, at, we've lost precious loved ones. Like everyone else, we've experienced our share of disappointments, set backs, fear and tragedy; more than some, less than others.

Tomorrow, there will be more deliciously wicked cartooning, but for today we wish for Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Everyone.

Merry Christmas!

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