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What was the top search on Google over a 24-hour period yesterday? “How can I change my vote?”

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Why do so many people want to change their votes? It happens every cycle, but maybe there are more this year because many are just now realizing that Joe Biden is a corrupt hack who has sold out the American people for foreign money. I assume that most of those who now want to change their votes voted for Biden. Interesting that the states where you can change your vote are swing states that Republicans hope to win: Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Bud Grant, long-time coach of the Minnesota Vikings, used to say that you should never make a decision until you have to. Who knows, something could happen that makes the decision moot, or obvious. I think that is a sound principle. We should wait until Election Day (unless we will unavoidably be out of town), and then, in full possession of the facts, all vote at the same time. Like we did in better times.  read more (used with permission)