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Wherefore QAnon Nuttiness?  by Melissa Praemonitus 01-16-21

My time in California introduced me to many unusual and interesting variations of Libertarianism, none of which was weirder than the cult of QAnon, a group devoted to untangling cryptic clues issued by anonymous sources on the internet.  A terrific new essay by Eric Erickson describes why people who move away from organized religion "fill the void" with politics:

"All of us have a voice within us that whispers there is more to life. Many people go in search of it. Atheists spent an inordinate amount of energy turning the voice off, often turning science into the religion of scientism. Others, on the left and right, turn from, "Love your neighbor" and, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and embrace, "Save the culture, and win at all costs." This voice pulls them away from the Creator and toward creation."

Erickson goes on to explore how the news media has turned away from facts, and instead tells "stories instead of the truth": 

"A media that wants to tell stories instead of the truth, and relates less and less to one side in the political debate, has helped alienate many Americans, who turn to social networks for news. There, affirmation and confirmation bias reign supreme. There, QAnon, antifa and other radical elements await to reprogram minds. Myth becomes truth, and Americans turn against one another as new cosmogonies triumph over our shared national story."

QAnon is but a single example of a dangerous turn the country has taken in interpreting mythology, and one that the Left is more than happy to take advantage of in the future.  The entire essay is worth reading.  Find it HERE

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