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Is there a governor who has turned in a more disgraceful performance in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic? I don’t think so. Yet he turned his press conferences to good use, portraying himself fighting the good fight in heroic terms.

In his press conferences Cuomo played the role of a competent and candid public servant. The Washington Free Beacon’s Graham Piro notes that “Cuomo has taken heat for ordering thousands of COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes in the early weeks of the pandemic, which likely contributed to tens of thousands of infections and thousands of deaths.

”It makes sense of a kind that he was recognized with an Emmy for his press conferences — “as the coronavirus surged across his state,” as Piro tartly puts it. Show business is all about illusion and the performers are, on average, idiots.

Prominent show business personalities saluted Cuomo in connection with the award. The video below includes their tributes to his wisdom and greatness. Cuomo then modestly saluted himself as a voice of “authentic truth and stability.” It’s a Support Mental Health or I’ll Kill You situation.

The Emmy for Cuomo follows in the tradition of the 1932 Pulitzer Prize awarded to Walter Duranty and to the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Yasser Arafat. What won’t they think of next? read more (used with permission)

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