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Let’s remember what Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) expected: Heh. This is one reason why if we could measure GNH (Gross National Happiness) among left and right just now, we’d find conservatives are pretty happy. As of this moment, the final results are almost a no-lose election for conservatives. If Biden hangs on to win (still not certain this will happen), Democrats will have elected a lame duck. With the GOP keeping the Senate and improving in the House, we have four years of gridlock ahead, and as I always point out, gridlock is the next best thing to constitutional government. Kiss goodbye court packing, ending the filibuster, the Green New Deal, big income tax hikes, a massive blue state bail out (though I suspect McConnell will give them something), and statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. Then look ahead to the midterms in 2022, when the GOP can realistically hope to retake the House.

Realignments are generally built around concrete ideas and specific policy platforms. But this campaign was always a referendum on Trump, rather than an affirmative endorsement of Biden and his agenda. That dynamic already cut against Biden claiming a strong positive mandate. He needed a crushing rejection of Trump to strengthen his case. . . read more

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