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Make Way For Innovation and Choice - For Kids' Sake
Opnion Melissa Praemonitus Dec. 11, 2020

Since the 1990’s, the blossoming of school choice has offered a way out for struggling families in failing school districts. With a menu of home school, charters, private, and public schools that open their doors to out-of district kids (schools of choice), children have had more opportunity than ever to achieve.

That is, until the Covid-19 epidemic hit. In the parlance of the left, the public schools in many states, without evidence, closed their doors for fear of spreading the disease, and the cost to young lives is high. Many parents of publicly schooled children have been thrust into the role of either reluctant home schooler, or computer screen time enforcer, and are ignored when they argue that in-school transmission is low according to recent studies.

On Thursday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said that the failure of remote learning should be laid a the feet of teachers unions, who have pushed remote learning throughout the coronavirus pandemic:

“There is no excuse,” Mrs. DeVos said on Fox Business. “The only reason kids are not back to school in person in too many places is because the teachers unions have been standing in the way and have been playing politics with children’s lives.

“Kids are suffering across the country, falling farther and farther behind, and the ones who are most hurt are the ones who are most vulnerable: children with disabilities, children from low-income families,” she continued. “Those are the ones who we profess to want to be able to help and ensure that they have equal opportunities and yet they are the ones that are suffering most because their families don’t have alternatives. It’s a crime and it has to change. We have got to empower parents to make those decisions for their children because the schools and the systems that they are a part of simply aren’t cutting it.”

Teachers Unions, never on the cusp of innovation, were instituted to serve teachers, not children. It’s time to save our kids with the choices they and their parents deserve. 

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