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In today's cartoon, Michael P. Ramirez brilliantly illustrates the nonsensical idea that stealing private property is equivalent to "reparations". 

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John O. McGinnis, in an excerpt below from the City Journal, compares the looting and crime on Chicago's "Miracle Mile" to Rome's sacking by Vandals, as proper governance lies in ruins. He notes that the looters were more organized than the authorities, supposedly in charge of law and order:

The Social Order"Riding in trucks and U-Hauls, vandals came to downtown Chicago on Sunday. They jammed streets around the Magnificent Mile, home of the city’s most important shopping district. They came prepared with tools like crowbars to pry open gates and take all the merchandise that they could pack. It was a strike directed at the heart of the city.

While the vandals were organized, the police were not. Earlier in the day, a policeman had returned fire and wounded a suspect. False rumors spread that the suspect was an unarmed juvenile. Crowds gathered; social media lit up with menace. But the police did not deploy in force until looters flooded into places with the most valuable goods.

The sacking of Chicago’s North Side was more than a tactical failure. For months, key officials—the state’s attorney responsible for prosecution, the mayor, and the governor—have failed to condemn criminals sufficiently or act with necessary force against such violence. They have contributed to a culture of impunity that tolerates mobs and hoodlums.

Kim Foxx, the state’s attorney for Cook County, has already become nationally notorious for refusing to prosecute Jussie Smollett, the actor who lied to the police that he was a victim of racial violence. But her offenses against public order are far worse than her condoning of a provocateur who tried to fracture the city with a falsehood. Foxx has dismissed felony cases brought by the police at a rate 35 percent higher than her predecessor. She raised the threshold for felony shoplifting from $300 to $1,000—and as a result, thieves steal brazenly in broad daylight as well as under cover of darkness. Chicago police chief David Brown suggested that Foxx’s failure to prosecute looters from the previous sacking of the city in June was partly responsible for emboldening the current round of looting."

McGinnis lays the failure to protect property at the feet of Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, state's attorney for Cook County, Kim Foxx, and Governor J. B Pritzker. It's a great essay and you can read the rest HERE