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Alexa does seem to have more answers than the public is getting from a confused Biden and the Democratic Party.  Steven Hayward opines:



So the news out this morning is that Joe Biden won’t travel to Milwaukee to accept the Democratic nomination later this month. Because COVID. Question: If Biden wins the election, will he come to Washington to be inaugurated on January 20? Or will he be sworn in by a local justice of the peace and conduct his administration from his Delaware basement? I expect the Trump campaign can make hay out of the slogan that a basement in Delaware is no place to run the country. C’mon man!

I have a theory that Biden has actually settled on his running mate, but is holding off on the announcement while they prep whoever it is for the intense focus the person will receive. One of the many mistakes John McCain made in 2008 was picking Sarah Palin very suddenly, and then putting her out without any serious preparation and briefing (and ultimately ruining her political future). Given the heightened importance of Biden’s running mate, there will be a premium on that person’s campaign ability this year. Harris was a dud in the Democratic primaries. Anyone think Val Demmings, Keisha Lance-Bottoms, or Tammy Duckworth are ready for this? (Alternative possibility: Biden’s team know their list of prospective running mates is pathetic, and are trying to get Michelle Obama or Oprah to be the running mate.)

A reader sends along this speculation:

I remain convinced we will see a repeat of the “Eagleton Affair.” The Democrats will pull Biden off the ticket after he is formally nominated. They will suddenly discover that he is in mental decline. Or, maybe he will “have” a minor stroke or such Soviet-like invention.

They will not do this before he is formally nominated. That would give rise to Bernie and Lizzie and others to reassert their claims.

Given how weird this year is, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.  read more

(shared with permission from Powerline Blog)