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Tonight’s debate went well for President Trump, I thought. The moderator was pro-Biden; she didn’t ask him any hard questions and avoided the subjects where he is most vulnerable. But that was a given. She was considerably better than Chris Wallace, and better than most.

Unlike the first debate, President Trump stayed calm and in control. His answers were generally sharp and he got in plenty of shots against Joe Biden. Biden didn’t do too badly, probably reflecting the fact that he rested up for several days before the event. But he faded noticeably as the evening wore on.

Maybe the most significant moment was when Biden admitted (no surprise to anyone who has paid attention) that his administration would phase out oil and gas production–not exactly a winning platform.

Trump also came back repeatedly to the theme that Biden is full of promises, but what did he accomplish when he was in Washington for 47 years and Vice President for 8? Biden could only respond by implicitly throwing Barack Obama under the bus. And there were plenty of references to Biden’s longstanding corruption, which Biden could answer only with blanket denials.

One striking thing about Biden is how often he lies. He apparently feels secure in the knowledge that all press “fact checkers” are members of his party; otherwise he might hesitate to tell such bald-face whoppers. No doubt he will, for now, get away with his offenses against truth. But I think his chances of winning the election grew a little dimmer tonight. read more

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