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The media pixels announcing Joe Biden’s putative victory hadn’t even faded on the screen before the progressive left began firing on Biden. From Jacobin magazine:

No Honeymoon for Joe Biden
If there was ever a case where the victory of the lesser evil over the greater evil merited busting out a bottle or two of champagne, this was it. But once you’ve sobered up, remember that being less evil than Trump is fully compatible with being an implacable enemy of the working class. The incoming Joe Biden administration doesn’t deserve an ounce of credit for having the right intentions or a day of progressives patiently waiting to see how it acts before pivoting to a posture of opposition. . .

Have fun with these folks, Joe.

Separately Jacobin tells us:

The Trump Era Is Over: Our Leaders Want to Take Us Back to 2015
Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership are in thrall to a dangerous illusion that they can take the country back to the political world of 2015 as if nothing happened. They’re about to learn that they’ve won a Pyrrhic victory. . .
Though a fair amount of revisionism will probably appear in the coming weeks, partisans for the Democrats’ chosen strategy were confidently predicting it would deliver a ’72-style blowout only days ago. “This may be the biggest landslide possible in this polarized country,” Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg told the Daily Beast on October 29. “This thing is not going to be close,” declared James Carville on MSNBC. Still more effusive about Democratic prospects, one October 21 New York Times report anticipated “an ambitious and rare electoral blowout.”

First, what makes anyone think “the Trump Era” is over? My guess is that it is only just beginning. More on this to come separately, but for the moment see Stacy McCain (no relation), “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.”

Second, we’ve got a while to go yet before we know the exact composition of the House and Senate, but already it seems likely that, if Biden is indeed confirmed as the winner by the actual legal process and not by media acclamation, this will be the weakest first-term presidential victory in American history. By a lot. read more

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