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What will Trump announce on the anniversary of 9/11?

From “1/19" of 2020 - when LUDE Media broke the news of the CCP virus - as we approach the anniversary of “9/11", the number of CoVid-19 deaths in the U.S. is over 600 times that of 9/11 terrorist attack. Infections and deaths from CoVid continue to rise dramatically. 

In the eight months since the onset of the coronavirus, the media is still shifting attention, politicians are still attacking each other, and the scientific community is still concealing facts and helping the CCP’s evil agenda. As Mr. Miles Guo says in Bannon’s War Room: What happened to the Americans? Stop talking! There is no time left for mankind. We need action, action, action!

Lude on his show revealed several times that he has a dream: In the next few days, the Trump administration may announce the following major issues:

  1. The Virus Origin: It will be confirmed that the virus came from the CCP’s lab, it is a biological weapon, and it was deliberately sent to the US. It will be proven to be a terrorist attack. And it is an ongoing, continuous attack. In his Labor Day speech, President Trump said that the 2009 swine flu (H1N1 flu pandemic) was a virus sent to the U.S. by the CCP. It caused 59 million Americans to be infected, 265,000 were hospitalized, and 12,000 died. President Trump is telling Americans that if the CCP continues to act as they are acting, there will be many more virus attacks in the future; these vicious attacks will critically injure the United States, including militarily, socially, economically, and on Wall Street.
  2. Decouple From the CCP’s China Once and For All: If Trump does not decouple before the election, many Wall Street capitalists and big American corporates will hesitate to leave China, thinking that if Biden gets elected, there might be no need to withdraw the capital or factories from China; they may even support Biden to help him win the election. If Trump does decouple before the election, the US industrial chain could create the momentum to move back to the United States from China, potentially adding numerous job opportunities for Americans. With a more robust job market in sight, more job-seekers would probably vote for President Trump's re-election.
  3. The China-US Relations Become Hostile. Trump will become a wartime president. The truth about the virus is a red line. Left-wing media and politicians no longer dare to cross the line to collude with the CCP.

Perhaps in the near future, on "72 hours notice", the public may see more shutdowns of CCP consulates in the United States, and a historical moment when President Trump’s Air Force One lands in Taiwan.

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Immediately, President Trump must make an unambiguous statement so that he doesn't mislead his supporters and allies. He must make an official statement to achieve the following:

First, to show that he is determined to take down the CCP.

Second, to completely cut off the personal relationship with the CCP’s General Secretary Xi, and stop talking about being good friends with Xi.

Third, to clarify the truth about biological weapons, taking action directly against the CCP, and to become a wartime president.

Only in this way will more scientists, media and corporates dare to stand up, to expose the truth and to reveal CCP crimes. In this way, countries around the world will follow the US and join in taking down the CCP.

Let's watch and see what happens.

Our thanks to Getty Images.