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Aug 12: Breakthrough on war against the CCP

"Just only a day earlier, on Aug 12, Miles said that Washington, Los Angeles, the Wall Street and Silicon Valley had reached major decisions in regard to the coordinated attacks on the CCP, an evil regime that uses Western technology and capital to destroy the Western countries.

The actions taken in August is make-or-break for the global war against the CCP. So far we have seen a series of deadly blows to the CCP that nobody can stop.

Simply put, if the CCP-virus cannot even bring down the CCP, there is nothing in the world that can eliminate it; if the Whistleblower Movement cannot bring down the CCP, there is no other movement that can eliminate it.

In terms of the CCP’s economy, it can collapse at any moment in a way far worse than the collapse of Tunisia’s economy.

Keep in mind that we cannot bring down the CCP without the effort from each and every one of you! Everybody counts in this fight!

A failed coup (against Xi) in China on Aug 13

On Aug 13, Beijing time, there was a failed small-scale coup, which scared both Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. The latter was waiting for some news at home but did not receive it.

There are some scheduled state visits to South Korea and other neighboring countries, but there can be major incidents occurring at any moment.

The pit of “Zhongnanhai”, the pinnacle of the CCP power, has become the most dangerous place. The leaders had to keep changing their bedrooms at night. This is what the CCP deserves. It is facing the gravest danger because it has created the greatest fear of a century in the world!

Denounce the legitimacy of the CCP

The Whistleblower Movement’s call to denounce the legitimacy the CCP has gained worldwide support.

If the CCP is no longer legitimate, the question becomes which entity can legitimately represent China.

The Taiwan government has been ruled out because the mainland Chinese people cannot accept it, even though Miles was hoping that they would support it.

The final consensus is that there should be a new entity accepted by both Chinese and foreign countries to legitimately represent the Chinese people with a legal transfer of power, which means the new government should be elected by the Chinese via universal suffrage.

First denounce the legitimacy of the CCP, then let the Chinese people make their own choice of government.

Even though the New Federal State of China is one of the entities to be considered, but it will never be involved in politics. It will only push for the establishment of a new Chinese government.

Miles refused to attend any meetings related to politics. The New Federal State of China stays away from money and power. Our only goal is to eliminate the CCP. We do not want to have anything to do with politics.

Think about history in the making. The Whistleblower Movement is engaged as the most important participant in the process of classifying the CCP as an illegitimate rogue organization in the darkest century of Chinese history.

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Many countries have agreed to reform or re-build the United Nations (UN) after the US Presidential election in November. There are only two choices: either build a new United Nations or change the current one entirely with the ultimate goal of kicking the CCP out of the world stage to stop it from representing the Chinese people.

Miles was the first one to propose the removal of the CCP from the UN, and it is being worked on now.

The CCP will be eliminated if it is treated as an illegitimate organization.

Decouple with the CCP economically

US Secretary of State Pompeo’s European trips are to work out the details on how to decouple with the CCP in order to minimize the impact and maximize coordination and cooperation among different nations.

Did anyone dare to discuss this topic of decoupling with the CCP in the past century? Nobody dared to, but it is being done by many right now!

Nobody dared to call for the elimination of the CCP in the past, but now many countries are holding the CCP accountable for the CCP-virus and putting the CCP on trial.

“Bring down the CCP, put the CCP on trial, and eliminate the CCP” are the objectives first announced in the world by the Whistleblower Movement. Now they are on the agenda of all human beings in the world.

Prepare for a new China without the CCP

The world needs to prepare for a new China without the CCP. Differentiate the CCP from the Chinese people. Coordinate and unify our actions and communications.

Only the Whistleblower Movement can achieve the goal of helping the world to differentiate the CCP from the Chinese People and turning the Chinese into the most welcomed people in the world.

Protect Hong Kong

The whole world is making relentless efforts to protect Hongkongers by having the CCP follow the stipulations outlined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Hong Kong will continue to play its role as a bridge between the East and the West in a new China.

Confiscate the oversea assets owned by the CCP & kleptocrats

All the assets owned by the Chinese kleptocrats and their illegitimate offsprings in the US will be confiscated.

All the CCP’s international travels will be restricted.

All the oversea assets owned by the CCP will be confiscated."