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Groundbreaking News:

Whistleblower Movement’s heroine scientist, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, finally received an exclusive interview at FOX TV on July 10 to reveal her truth of the Chinese Communist Party's Coronavirus production. 

Whistleblower news of these CCP acts against humanity was supposed to be released four weeks ago, but the announcement was said to be delayed as battles raged between the CCP and the U.S., on media, financial, technological, military and other fronts.

According to Whistleblower reports, Chinese President Xi himself made four direct, threatening calls to the White House as he personally tried to block media revelation.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is believed to have mastered the core information of Wuhan P4 Lab’s virus creation and WHO’s pandemic cover-ups. Correct accounts of this news could have saved countless human lives. 

Introduction of Dr. Yan:

Dr. Yan has double doctorate degrees: an MD and PHd. She is an important member of the P3 virus laboratory of the Li Ka Shing Medical College of the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Yan is a top expert on the frontier of coronavirus infectious diseases. Her laboratory is one of the world's top infectious disease research laboratories and a WHO-approved center for monitoring infectious diseases in Asia. 

Dr. Yan was in charge of communicating with various medical institutions in China, to understand epidemics of infectious diseases in real time. The seriousness of the Coronavirus infection began to be of concern in December 2019, but superiors in the lab did not allow her to report to the public; rather, they forced her to conceal the epidemic. To her regret, she says she holds solid evidence that shows that the CCP and WHO jointly concealed the epidemic from the world. Such information could have prevented the pandemic and the economic chaos we now face.

With such important information in hand, Dr. Yan knew that if she disclosed this news to the West, she would lose everything in her Chinese world. She would be abandoned by her family and friends in her home country; she would lose forever all she held dear.

For the good of mankind, Dr. Yan chose to disclose this news to the Whistleblowers. In so doing, she lost her husband, who is still working in her same lab in China and objected to release of the information. She was forced to end her relationships with her parents, siblings and cousins, some of whom were reported kidnapped by the CCP and put under house arrest since Dr. Yen's rescue from China. She is reported to have lost friends and colleagues, and to have had all positions and titles cancelled. Her personal data is said to be destroyed, her research terminated. 

In the future, Dr. Yan will likely face doubts and defamation on an isolated journey in the United States. Vicious language attacks and assassination threats may follow her. Though she is now a hero, she remains an unprotected woman from a Chinese ivory tower. Whistleblower fans hope the world will open their arms to protect their "beautiful heroine". 

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Behind Stories of Her News-Breaking Interview:

Dr. Yan bypassed many overseas media outlets under the influence of the CCP. She eventually got in touch with Lude Media, led by members of Miles Guo-led Whistleblowers Movement. Dr. Yan is said to have handed over Coronavirus evidence, which was reportedly verified by the Whistleblowers before disclosure.

This makes Lude Media the first in the world to expose, as early as Jan. 19, 2020, the so called “119“ which they believe to be three truths: (1) the virus was synthesized from a lab; (2) the virus can be transmitted human to human; (3) the epidemic will become a pandemic. However, back in January when there was still time to control the pandemic, Lude Media is said to have faced extreme pressure by the CCP,  U.S., WHO and international academic organizations and experts not to disclose. It is said that the CCP created inducements and exerted pressure as they suppressed information. Dr. Yan says that scientists in Chinese labs who knew the truth of the virus risked kidnapping and possible death if they spoke the truth. 

To evade this punishment by the CCP, the Whistleblowers rescued Dr. Yan and other top scientists from within China, just in the last two to three months. These scientists were engaged at the highest levels of virus research in China's Wuhan P4 and Hong Kong's P3 Labs. They were taken to destinations in the U.S. and Britain. Their hardships are the stuff of Hollywood thrillers.

The Whistleblowers intend that the 13-minute interview of Dr. Yan on FOX TV is just the first salvo to reveal the truth of the "CCP Virus" to the world. They say have more witnesses and evidence to reveal, and every day they plan to render blows to the CCP; the Whistleblowers want to "awaken the world", so we can understand who bears true responsibility as the source of COVID-19. The Whistleblowers hope to shock the CCP and to strike fear in their heart. 

Whistleblower supporters disparage the pseudo-scientists whom they believe sold their souls to the CCP in exchange for fame and fortune, who allege the virus came from nature. We praise unsung heroes left behind who continue to pay a high price for bucking the CCP. 

In the Western world, scientists can speak truthfully. Dr. Yan and her like-minded scientist are heroes who chose to save mankind. 

For more news of these heroes and more behind-the-scenes Whistleblower stories, stay tuned.

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Coronavirus Whistleblower: Exclusive Fox News Interview