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The United States' proposed travel ban to prevent CCP members from coming to the U.S. has the wrong party members in its crosshairs, say the Chinese Whistleblowers.

The travel ban strikes fear in the hearts of those China’s 92 million party members whose families would never again have free entry to the United States. Party members are alarmed that their US assets will be confiscated. 

CCP's family members come to the U.S. frequently to enjoy the openness and privileges here, while often taking advantage of such privilege for gains that ultimately hurt the bigger Chinese population and the U.S. 

The U.S. is finally cracking down on the CCP for numerous acts against U.S. interests. However, the story is nuanced because the CCP itself is not uniformly powerful. The most powerful of the CCP consists of a smaller, largely invisible, globally dispersed group who rule the entire party. The less powerful are those who join the CCP for existential and practical reasons.

Much of the time these less powerful members join the party for survival or in hope of a decent life for their children. Some are motivated by the possibility of promotion and benefits as employees of state companies or institutions. Young students without much life experience develop a strong sense of responsibility to "serve the party wholeheartedly". Therefore, the vast majority of party members are innocent of the bad acts targeted by the U.S. 

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Whistleblowers thus emphasize that a ban against all 92 million CCP members would unite a fractionalized CCP against a common enemy. As Whistleblower Miles Guo said recently, "99% of the CCP members are good people. Countless CCP members risked their lives to provide tip-off materials of CCP corruption. They stand firmly with us in the campaign to take down the CCP regime and support the New Federal State of China. Can we punish them and their families due to their involuntary party affiliation? It is unfair and totally absurd. We cannot lose our critical allies: those innocent CCP insiders who play key roles in the fight of terminating CCP, and who dislike and disapprove the malicious system of communism as much as the rest of the free world does, if not more."*

Because CCP members are not uniformly powerful, Whistleblowers are adamant that we must understand the disastrous consequences if the U.S. fails to understand the CCP's nuanced membership.

"The U.S. policies and legislations should target the real enemies associated with CCP regime, the core families and kleptocrats who control the state apparatus, and the “white gloves” or puppets who are directly involved with the core families for wrongdoings. We know that almost all family members of high-ranking CCP officials live overseas. They do not necessarily affiliate with CCP, nor do they have a Chinese passport. At the same time, they are vested interests in the center of power, the top few, or dozens of families, and the masters of 90 million CCP members."

"The U.S. and the Western world must stay vigilant for not falling into the trap set by CCP. The CCP is giving dying kicks to the U.S. to persecute all CCP members and their families. CCP would weaponize this policy, if it comes true, to intimidate and trick those innocent members into fighting for CCP until their last breath.... Even if CCP’s governance is falling apart, the vested interests overseas without the CCP official title can still make a comeback only with a different name. Problems will not be solved. It will only be another round of CCP China exercising its dirty dominance over the world haunted by the communist ideology."*

The answer to eviscerating the often invisible ideologues among the CCP, per the Whistleblowers, is to gut them financially, cut them off from our technology and stop our appeasement. "The United States should also realize that the reason CCP can be this powerful today is largely due to Wall Street’s investments or feeding, U.S. technology support, and U.S. appeasement. It is imminent to take down CCP, but the sword should not be slanted. The U.S. policy should target towards shutting CCP’s access to the U.S. dollar and technology, sanction of CCP’s financial institutes, and prosecution of CCP’s core families as well as associated puppets. Only in these ways can CCP’s lifeline be cut, and the U.S. and the world completely freed from the claws of CCP’s predation.*