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To Whistleblowers, on July 23, 2020, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a landmark speech at The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Nixon is recognized as the founder of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. The purpose of choosing The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, for Whistleblowers, is to have Kissinger’s flawed beliefs end where they started.

For Whistleblowers, the United States will now end Kissingerist appeasement toward China that has lasted over 50 years. This heralds the complete failure of “American National Kissingerism”, they say.

Those impassioned about the culpability of the CCP believe that the Chinese people have paid the price of 50 years of life and blood for the pitfalls of Kissingerism. They say that Americans have also paid a high price: in just 6 months, the CCP Virus has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of infections, plus hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses. 'The United States has never encountered such an unrestricted war against the American people.'

The Kissinger doctrine holds that after giving the CCP decades to make China's economy strong, the CCP would naturally give the Chinese people the rule of law, democracy and freedom. But after the Chinese economy became strong, the CCP not only failed to give the Chinese people the rule of law, democracy and freedom, it also undermined the international legal order that could give them any rights.

According to Whistleblowers, the CCP has penetrated all areas of the Western World through coercive methods such as 3F and BGY plans. They have suppressed opposition voices. They seek world domination.

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To Whistleblowers, Pompeo’s speech mandates three important, radical points:

  1. Completely end the appeasement policy of Kissinger and Nixon toward the CCP, such that US policy toward the worst of the CCP will be fully shifted or even severed.
  2. Define the highest level of the CCP as a dishonest and illegal government. Call on people all over the world who love democracy and freedom to work with the Chinese people to completely overthrow the top echelon CCP. This is the first official definition of high-level members of the CCP as a rogue government in the history of the US. This top echelon, villainous regime is illegal; the impassioned believe that we must overthrow it side-by-side the Chinese people.
  3. Separate the genuine Chinese population from the rogue leaders of the CCP. The Whistleblowers believe that the Chinese people are the biggest victims. To the impassioned, “May God bless the Chinese people and the American people.”

Last week, Secretary Pompeo and the US government announced the closure of the Chinese Consulate in Houston. The CCP at once retaliated and said that Pompeo was the “public enemy of mankind”. Whistleblowers say that the CCP's attack on Pompeo is tantamount to attacking the US government, because Pompeo was selected by the American President.

Whistleblowers believe that the United States will issue more “72-hour Ultimatums” to the CCP, relating to the decoupling of the U.S. dollar, the demolition of the CCP’s military bases in the South China Sea and the opening of the Chinese virus labs to allow entry to investigators led by their beloved COVID defector, Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

In the words of the Whistleblowers, what challenges Kissinger's elitism is the populism expressed by Mr. Bannon. The end of one era marks the beginning of another. Who is the legal representative of China? To Whistleblowers, of course, it is the government of New Federal State of China.