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"It is a momentous day for our Himalaya Manor Canada on August 29, 2020. Ms. Khaleesi , the founder of our Farm, and our Vancouver’s fellow fighters of Whistleblower Movement launched a day-long parade and protest in Vancouver, Canada.

It was a beautiful day. After weeks of rigorous preparation, the organizers and the fellow fighters gathered early in the morning outside the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver. Accompanied by the national anthem of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), Ms. Khaleesi raised our blue flag of heptagram stars at the gate of the Chinese Consulate General. This iconic flag-raising ceremony was a rallying cry from the NFSC to confront the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) : the Chinese government is an illegitimate regime! the CCP is a terrorist organization! The game is over! The NFSC is your terminator!

The procession then made its way to the Art Gallery Square in downtown Vancouver. The rhythmical song “Take Down the CCP” by Guo Wengui immediately raised the spirits of the people in the Square. Ms. Khaleesi and the fellow fighters waved the Canadian flags and the NFSC’s flags shouting slogans “Take Down the CCP” and “CCP Virus Kills Humanity”. The Square was slowly filled with people, and some curious passersby stopped and asked us about the parade. Our fellow fighters took out Dr. Yan Limeng’s pamphlets about CCP Virus and started to distribute them. A few fellow fighters took the opportunity of being interviewed by some local media and TV stations to spread the truth about the CCP Virus as well as accuse CCP of crimes.

The busy and exciting day quickly came to the end, leaving behind full of precious memories. Our fellow fighters are still in the joy of fighting together for the first time. The parade is such a delightful experience that attracted adults and teenagers. It is the Whistleblower Movement that brings us together towards a great unified goal –Take Down the CCP!

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At Himalaya Manor Canada, we are not only working together to take down the CCP, but are also having fun during the course of defeating the CCP. We will eliminate the demon CCP from the earth while cheering and frolicking!"

Author: 理查德 & 松鼠 @ G-Translators – 2020.09.01