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The Whistleblower movement is moving fast to publicize information about China’s Communist Party leadership. After seeing how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was hiding COVID-19 from the rest of the world, and having disclosed this deception to the rest of the world, the Whistleblowers are adamant that accurate information about CCP actions be revealed.

Whistleblower ally Steve Bannon, speaking through the Whistleblowers War Room, and Bill Gertz believe that the U.S.understands the problem and is ready to take action against the CCP immediately.

Both economist Peter Navarro (Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator) and US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said they do not want to disclose specific actions before they are announced by President Trump.

Actions anticipated by the Whistleblowers include financial sanctions, the decoupling of the Hong Kong dollar, the suspension of trade, the truth about the South China Sea and removal of CCP’s military bases. Whistleblowers also anticipate more damning information about the original source of the Coronavirus. All preconditions for the sanctions are believed to be ready to go.

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Whistleblowers are waiting with bated breath for the moment when a “fatal blow” is dealt to the CCP. They take the risk to disclose this bold action because they see themselves as leading the charge to enable democracy in China.

They have been doing so since they their youth, when in 1989, they were jailed for years because of their peaceful protest that ended with the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The CCP has tried to keep the lid on their protests of CCP actions since before that infamous massacre.

Whistleblower supporters are waiting for CCP’s final moment, when with a light touch, the CCP will suffer a fatal blow.