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Three years after the birth of the Whistleblower Movement, a Chinese government-in-exile was formed. On June 4th, 2020, led by Wuhan Whistleblower Miles Guo, the New Federal State of China was born.

Because of the lockdown from the Chinese-born COVID-19, the Declaration ceremony was conducted on a boat with New York's Statue of Liberty in the background. It was broadcast live on the internet, attracting tens of millions of viewers to witness this historic moment. 

The Whistleblowers chose to create the new government on the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. On June 4, 1989, in response to demonstrations by more than one million Chinese in favor of free speech and a more open, democratic government, Chinese authorities sent in 250,000 troops who fired live rounds of ammunition into the crowds. Western diplomats estimate that hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens were murdered that day and as many as 10,000 were arrested. Wuhan Whistleblower Miles Guo himself spent two years in a Beijing prison for his role in the demonstrations.

The Declaration of New Federal State of China aspires to sound a death-knell for the fall of the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP.

In order to thrive, the New Federal State of China (NFSC) has created a virtual ecosystem that simulates an actual country. The NFSC is designed to constitute an actual country. Its existence resides in a series of "G" products, including GTV, GNEWS, G-Fashion, G-Mall, G-Dollar, G-Coin, G-Club and G-Federal Reserve. Financial and popular support for this new country is manifest through the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Society Foundation. 

One of NFSC's goals is to allow a peaceful transition from Communist China to free China. This transition will ease worries that 1.4 billion Chinese citizens, with no system of governance, could disrupt the world. 

World worries were enormously heightened one week ago when the CCP brutally took control of Hong Kong. Thousands of Hong Kong citizens, including young students who are nearly children, have disappeared in this horrific seizure. A few days ago, immediately after the takeover, the US House and Senate both unanimously voted to sanction CCP officials for violation of their commitment to allow Hong Kong to keep its autonomous system of governance. Tragically, the split of the HK dollar from the US dollar could drive the value of the Chinese RMB to virtually nothing, leaving 1.4 billion people as poor as hungry Venezuelans.

It has also finally become widely accepted that the CCP is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. The CCP knew about the virus in Wuhan but they maliciously hid its existence. The CCP immediately prohibited flights from Wuhan to other Chinese destinations, in order to stop the virus' spread within China; they contemporaneously allowed thousands of Chinese to fly to destinations abroad, knowing that these travelers would rapidly infect people living in those destinations. The CCP then deceived the world by co-opting head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Adhanom Tedros, to lie about the origin, ferocity and contagiousness of the virus; Tedros went repeatedly on television globally to spread lies about the virus and to criticize President Trump and American, Delta and United Airlines for suspending flights from China. Soon thereafter, knowing that newly infected areas would need protective gear to save lives, the CCP vacuumed up the world supply of PPE, including 2 billion N95 face masks, to increase the death rate in those newly infected areas outside China. The CCP banned export of 3M N95 and surgical masks to the US and other foreign ports. The CCP also banned the export of hydroxychloroquine once it was discovered that this drug might diminish the horrific symptoms of this dreaded COVID-19. 

Since last December, facts seem to support that CCP's decisions have unleashed its COVID-19 bioweapon in waves. Its primary target has been the US; the CCP has made it clear that it does not want President Trump, who has defied their unfair reign in trade and other bad acts, to continue to block their path to world domination. 

In just 6 months, the worldwide coronavirus has killed over 500,000 people, not counting the deaths of Chinese citizens that the CCP will not reveal. Alarmingly, these numbers are still growing exponentially in some areas. It’s a tragedy for humanity and the CCP has no motivation to diminish its effect. On the contrary, the CCP is intent on global domination. 

Miles Guo, a survivor of CCP atrocities, together with a few loyal friends, has formed the Himalayan Alliance in order to create an alternative to the CCP. This is the genesis of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Their objective is to form a government-in-exile that can unseat the dominant CCP.

To counter presumptions of the CCP, the NFSC espouses the value of belief in a spiritual, non-denominational higher order. The worship of god as a higher authority is paramount because the NFSC does not want a Chinese autocrat to appear to have god-like powers over ordinary people. 

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To respect justice, the NFSC emphasizes the value of righteousness over evil. Citizens of NFSC value the "right path" in which they chose behavior that they believe is moral and ethical. Transparency is a must, because transparency is essential to validate trust. You can't verifiably trust anyone or anything without transparency. Transparency into CCP governance of China is a barrier that allows events like the COVID-19 pandemic to take hold.

Populism is important because societies cannot be fairly governed by an elite class. Every person must have power to participate in a democratic system of governance. Currently the CCP gains power through relationships with wealthy and powerful industrial and government players. The NFSC plans to rise above such unjust elitism through a governance structure that they believe is fair to all.

After the establishment of NFSC, the Whistleblowers plan to sustain the Himalayan Alliance as the “stability anchor“ of the New Federal State of China, to oversee the new China government's path toward righteousness. All people with the same values are welcome to join the New Federal State of China, regardless of race and skin color.

Why declared on June 4th?

30 years ago, on June 4th, 1989, at Tiananmen Square, thousands of young students and pro-democracy protestors were killed and crushed to death by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with machine guns and tanks. Many were also jailed, including Miles Guo. For the past 30 years, no commemoration has been allowed, not a word of “June 4th“ to be publicly mentioned in China. The date of the Tiananmen Massacre, was a pain to the people, but a fear to CCP. To declare New China on such a special date, the dead can be commemorated and the CCP can be terrified. CCP vowed to spend 4 billion dollars to block and attack the NFSC Declaration event. But it was doomed to fail.

Why declare in the U.S.?

Miles Guo and many other dissidents have been welcome and protected in the United States. They see the United States as a beacon in defense of freedom and democracy.

In the past decades, many European countries, such as Germany, France, England and Italy, have surrendered to the CCP for economic benefits in exchange for national security. America has been influenced too by CCP promises, such as the WTO Agreement, their promise to protect Hong Kong political system, and other bad acts. Finally the CCP's use of COVID-19 as a bioweapon has put America on high alert. The Whistleblowers Movement aspires to provide a platform to fight back and displace the CCP.

To show American official consent and support for the Declaration of the birth of the New Federal State of China, New York Harbor lifted its "no sail zone" restrictions so that the yacht "Lady May" could announce this historical event. Military boats and aircrafts surrounded Lady May for broadcasting security, and the Statue of Liberty, exceptionally, was kept lighted all night long.

Importantly to them, it is said that God was watching from the sky. The moment Mr. Guo pricked his finger to embed his fingerprint in blood on the cover of the Declaration book, a bolt of lightning crossed the dark sky behind the Statue of Liberty. This sent a message, in the minds of the Whistleblower supporters, that the vow of Mr. Guo, to defeat the CCP is God’s will. 

For the Whistleblowers, God bless America and God bless  New China.