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It’s no secret that the Chinese Communist Party, known as the CCP, is intent on becoming the dominant world power. The CCP has been chipping away at this for decades.

The CCP is nothing if not patient. They have developed a long-term strategy over these decades, including with the help of American experts.

Being close to Cal Berkeley, I recall being at a dinner two decades ago when this very topic was discussed by an academic on a CCP advisory board. I wondered in the moment about loyalty to the U.S., but America had yet to empower China by moving so much manufacturing to China and CCP global dominance seemed far-fetched. Too bad more of us didn’t listen to our intuition and speak up back then.

A study of history shows that Chinese dominance has existed for centuries. Before the birth of the audacious experiment we call democracy, humanity didn’t have the luxury to think much about the repercussions of autocrats like the Chinese on freedoms that didn’t exist.

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Our founding fathers, whose statues are now violently being destroyed, only came together a little over two hundred years ago. They recognized that their values aligned because they abhorred the treatment forced upon them by the absolute authority of unelected power seekers.

At these hands, our ancestors suffered from lack of free choice, limited freedom of movement, taxation without representation, lack of power to defend themselves from physical harm, in other words from the irrational decisions made by unelected monarchs who came to power by historical accident of birth yet exercised power over life or death, poverty or sustenance, property ownership or lack thereof, religious adherence and lack of freedom over virtually everything.

The abhorrence of being forced to act contrary to how they wanted compelled our forebears to die rather than to be controlled. Patrick Henry’s famous words “give me liberty or give me death”, spoken in 1775, should shine brightly on social media today.

What do you think about protecting our freedoms?