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While the world reels from the coronavirus pandemic, China is leaning into new offensive measures with the deployment of lasers against US and allied forces in the Indo-Pacific.

In a new major article being shared throughout the defense community, Hudson Senior Fellow Patrick Cronin examines the risks of China's new strategy to leverage laser technology in an effort to put maritime Asia on lockdown. Catch his key takeaways below.

Also worth your time is Bruno Macaes' new article on China's efforts to take advantage of the global COVID chaos, Tim Morrison on the dual biological and nuclear risks posed by the CCP, and Christopher O'Dea on how the pandemic is being used by China to dominate maritime trade.

Next week, join the Hudson Institute for an all-star lineup of webcasts tracking the global implications of the pandemic. On Monday, Under Secretary of State Keith Krach joins Hudson to discuss new approaches to protect America's economic security even as it battles the COVID-19 virus, while later in the day Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon will discuss Israeli foreign policy in the shadow of the outbreak. On Wednesday, German Ambassador to the US Emily Haber examines her country's response to the epidemic and its critical role in the EU.

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Photo above: S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes await missions at a Persian Gulf base. Recently, US airmen flying C-130 planes have been the target of lasers deployed by the Chinese military. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)