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This series constitutes a playbook that provides a framework in which to prepare for and successfully transform the existing Zeitgeist to a new Zeitgeist led by positivism. 

Part 1 in the New Zeitgeist Playbook: For Navigating the COVID Pandemic
Part 2 in the New Zeitgeist Playbook: For Landing On Your Feet After a Layoff
Part 3 in the New Zeitgeist Playbook: For Navigating a Restructure Against Racism in America

As the world changes and adapts to our recent pandemic it is imperative that we find ways of landing on our feet and remaining positive. With life-changing events like losing your job and societal changes like race relations, it can become difficult to see the silver lining or the resources with which to navigate the present and future. In this series, we give you tools and resources with which to overcome some of these challenging hurdles while remaining positive and prepared for what comes next.

We offer some ideas and we would love to hear about your experiences, concerns, and advice during this time.

Our guidelines for the current COVID reality:

  • Be present in your current environment as you prepare for your new reality.
  • Ensure that you understand the facts by knowing the science behind your assumptions.
  • Remain positive while you use the resources available online.
  • Get your finances in order and make sure to take advantage of the resources made available by our state and local government.

Please engage in dialog and discussion below using our comment section.

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