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At Progressive Liberty we want to free you from biases and reliance on other people’s thinking.

Beginning in kindergarten we are taught to do as the teacher mandates, to sit still, be quiet, memorize and to conform. The problem is that conformity doesn’t teach us to think for ourselves. It teaches us to follow the thinking of others.

But what if the thinking of others doesn’t get us where we want to go?

What if memorization in school to achieve high grades and test scores doesn’t land us a job we enjoy? Are we to spend the next 40 years or more of our working lives in jobs that suit the needs of companies but don’t stimulate us as individuals? That we regret to have to go to five days a week?

Or maybe our schooling doesn’t land us a job at all. Where does this leave us?

Sadly, education in the United States today doesn’t focus on preparing the majority of us for successful and fulfilling careers.

We’re often are not engaged in our own learning.

So we end up ranking low by national and global standards. In normal times we have a talent pipeline in industry that we don’t qualify for. If we had better education we could work in offices or remotely and achieve desired goals.

Yet even when we aspire to learn, we’re often disappointed, since our education system doesn’t enable us to learn the skills of innovation we need in todays digital age.

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When disappointed, we become disillusioned, demotivated and restless. Some of us are often left to fend for ourselves surrounded by dysfunctional individuals who bully, instill fear, alienate and sometimes even put us in grave danger.

At Progressive Liberty we strive to create a Solutions Mindset so we can find answers to such issues - issues of life-long importance to us.

How do we achieve this Solutions Mindset?

By having models to answer questions. By looking at role models who have succeeded in ways we want to succeed. By having mentors who help us navigate this journey.

Progressive Liberty strives to empower us to make progress by finding solutions that give us the liberty to think for ourselves. To be able to live and let live by bridging gaps in our understanding and values. And by empowering us to have the financial prowess to live within the bounds of fiscal responsibility. Boundaries that we and our society agree are right for us and for our country.

We believe that the culprit responsible for our lack of power resides in our outmoded content-based teaching models that are counterproductive in our information age.

We believe that together we can create a new student-centric, context-based learning paradigm. We have the opportunity to incorporate mentoring and dynamic learning to remedy the numerous failures in our education system. Let’s use the hiatus imposed by COVID-19 to harness change and to create an education system that centers around us, that gives us the opportunity to be happy in our careers and lives.

Has your education empowered you to create the new knowledge that’s needed in this digital age?

Please let us know your thoughts.