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We have received numerous requests for more information about how to navigate mentoring in our current crisis. Mentoring is a great way to maintain connections and get clarity in this difficult time.

We are faced with a whole new reality from what any of us could have imagined even a few weeks ago. There is great uncertainty, and many people are hurting now. Top this with the imperative for physical distancing, and we have a situation where the ramifications of isolation will be felt in the business and personal lives of countless people.

And yet, what the Covid-19 crisis reminds us is how connected we all are, and how vital these connections are to our well-being and growth. Since we can’t have the connection of being together physically, it is critical that we consciously create our connections. We can still be socially connected even though we are apare. The movement of "In This Together" brings together scores of organizations to help us navigage these turbulent waters together.

Connection through mentoring is a great way to connect. Whether you are a mentor or a mentee, reach out with intention and compassion to make your mentoring relationship stronger. Go to Mentored Pathways and act now.


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