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Dr. Li-Meng Yan is the courageous Chinese virologist who the Progressive Liberty Movement reported on July 11, 2020 had fled from China to the United States in early July with the help of the Whistleblowers Movement. 

Dr. Yan has been digging deeply into the internet to learn the truth that she believes the upper echelons of the CCP keep hidden. She has claimed that the government of President Xi has been covering up the truth about the pandemic. She is endeavoring to  gather “solid evidence” about the real origins of Covid-19. Dr. Yan has said repeatedly that Covid-19 did not originate in nature and did not emerge from the market in Wuhan.

Dr. Yan has double doctorate degrees: an MD and PHd. She was an important member of the P3 virus laboratory of the Li Ka Shing Medical College of the University of Hong Kong and is considered a top expert on the frontier of coronavirus infectious diseases. Her former laboratory is one of the world's top infectious disease research laboratories and a WHO-approved center for monitoring infectious diseases in Asia.  

Dr. Yan speaks openly now about Chinese deception of the virus. She insists that she is intent on providing the truth about the virus and its origins. Notes from work in her Wuhan lab, she says, clearly show that the coronavirus did not originate in nature and the narrative about the Wuhan wet market is merely a smokescreen.

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Copies of conversations with her colleagues about Covid-19 prove that China suppressed information from the outset, says Dr. Yan. It's widely acknowledged that China cornered the market by buying most available PPE before other countries even knew they faced a pandemic. China denied that medical personnel were being infected while patients displaying Covid-19 symptoms were left in communal areas of hospitals without being isolated and without any kind of PPE, says Dr. Yan in her numerous radio reports as on Whistleblowers GNews.

President Trump and many others maintain that the World Health Organization failed to carry out its duties as an international watchdog by allowing China to delay or withhold information about the outbreak; some assert that WHO collaborates with China in dereliction of its duties and to the deadly detriment of hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 victims. President Trump and others increasingly allege that China may in fact be manipulating the virus for nefarious purposes. Some, like the Chinese Whistleblowers, assert that the Chinese military is using the virus to wreak the devastation we now see in countries globally.

What we do know is that the Chinese government deliberately enabled the spread of this deadly virus. Thy knew about the deadly effects of airborne Coronaviruses and the ease with which the virus spreads from Coronavirus SARS research. It became recognized during the SARS outbreak in 2002-2004 that Coronaviruses easily spread through airborne transmission and the virus is deadly to significant numbers of unfortunate victims. We know that in spite of this fact, China allowed people from Wuhan who could have been exposed to the virus to travel to numerous countries around the world, while forbidding such travel and exposure within China. Chinese authorities knew that they were exposing people throughout the world to a horribly contagious virus to which they would not allow their own population to be exposed.