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We've heard a lot about dry cough and fever as symptoms of COVID-19.  But as we learn more about the disease, its complexity becomes apparent. This complexity makes the disease more opaque to those of us who aren't scientists. So what else should we look for as early signs of an infection? 

UCSF Health says: "While COVID-19 has made us all understandably cautious about visiting the doctor or the hospital, please remember that it's equally important to know when you need medical attention. Here are 12 symptoms that you should never ignore:

1. Sudden discomfort in the chest, back and neck

2. Abrupt change in behavior or functioning

3. Lightheadedness or fainting

4. Sudden vision loss

5. Severe headache

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6. Severe abdominal pain

7. Swelling in the face or mouth

8. Severe vomiting or diarrhea

9. Persistent fever

10. Worsening rash

11. Change in heartbeat

12. Any new bleeding

If you have any of these symptoms, please seek emergency medical care right away."