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If you face infection by COVID-19, you want a solution fast. This Henry Ford study found 50% lower death rates with no safety problems.

"The Henry Ford study, which involved more than 2,400 patients hospitalized between March and May 2020, found death rates were 50% lower among the patients treated with hydroxychloroquine, the authors said. They also said the drug posed no safety problems.

Henry Ford officials said the results were different from those of other studies that didn’t show effects from the drug because they treated patients soon after they were hospitalized and used different dosages. They said they asked the FDA for emergency authorization for hydroxychloroquine “for a clearly defined list of clinical uses,” including trials. The health system declined to make the authors available, and the FDA said it would not comment on any pending submission."

"The FDA initially gave emergency use authorization to hydroxychloroquine in March based on scant evidence. The agency in April issued a safety warning about potential cardiac problems before withdrawing its approval last month."

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Use of hydroxychloroquine has been highly politicized. We each must make up our own minds. Or we can pull together to demand FDA approval in the event you choose to use it if you face COVID-19. 

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