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Ivanka Trump made a fashionable and business-appropriate statement on Thursday morning as she set out for work in a dusty pink pantsuit. 

Ivanka, 38, also sent another message with her choice of accessories - namely the floral face mask that she used to cover her mouth and nose. The CDC has recommended that everyone wear the protective gear in public to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Fashionable compliance is one way to go.

Whatever you think of her politics, Ivanka is setting a good example for women in America. Her attire is feminine, subdued and modest, which is appropriate for her role. This is better modeling than some women broadcasters who dress too scantily - compared to their "equal" male colleagues in collared shirts, ties and business jackets across the interview table. These women seem to forget that their occupational goal is to convey news and interview experts, not to sell themselves.

In recent weeks, Ivanka has become accustomed to coordinating her outfits with her choice of face covering, having clearly built up an impressive wardrobe of options since the pandemic began. This inspires one to branch out from the blue surgical masks that are important but boring. Many of us have the opportunity to dip into stocks of scarves or use inexpensive remnants of fabric to make masks that we can enjoy; we might donate extra scarves or fabric remnants to women not fortunate enough to be uplifted by a fun print.

The First Daughter's glam was on par with the rest of her look, with her hair in loose waves and restrained eye makeup that didn't overplay her eyes with a black surround.

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Ivanka has had a busy week filled with events, including the online fundraiser for her father that garnered $4 million. Thursday was no different, with the special adviser to the White House revealing on Instagram that she was set to start her day with a U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) event.

There, Ivanka and DFC CEO Adam Boehler discussed new targets for the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, a project that was established by the President in February 2019 and has since been spearheaded by his daughter.

Speaking at the event, Ivanka revealed that the W-GDP is aiming to raise $6 billion in capital that will be used to fund women-owned and women-led projects around the world.

'The Trump Administration is committed to ensuring that women have an equal opportunity to participate in the economy at home and around the world,' Ivanka said in a statement.