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We must not allow the unresolved political conflicts that endanger our democracy to destroy the freedom and prosperity we have come to cherish.

The vision of the Progressive Liberty Movement is to enable us to develop the power to create a new and better future. We are passionate about the need to solve problems and design a better world.

The world hungers for a movement based on creating novel solutions to profound problems embedded in our cultures. We must join together based on recognition of common values, with thoughtful and intentional movement to build a society based on truth and freedom. 

Our mission is to enable robust communities of thoughtful citizens to freely express disparate ideas in a civil manner that encourages broad engagement. The Progressive Liberty Movement provides a powerful, uncensored platform to share ideas so that we achieve constructive change. We engage with, nurture and support our communities to collectively strive to design and implement effective solutions. We strive to creatively address areas of disagreement so we can solve problems, sometimes imperfectly, with the recognition that pluralism is the basis of the fragile form of self-governance that is our democracy.

The conceptual framework of the Progressive Liberty Movement resides in two areas: a Solutions Mindset that engenders Solutions Voters.

A Solutions Mindset enables us to derive solutions in the face of the historic challenges of today. Lucid critical thinking is often mind-boggling in the perfect storm of COVID-19, the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd and the societal unrest as "unfund police" unfolds. How can we effectively find solutions when answers seem so opaque? When friends and family close to us verge on tears. 

We of the Progressive Liberty Movement have spent countless hours in an effort to empathize with those of us who are hurting. We want to walk in the shoes of COVID-19 victims from Washington, from family and friends of George Floyd in their Minneapolis neighborhoods, from rioters who feel driven to burn police cars in legendary New York City. The unrest in this tempest seems endless. 

Like many thoughtful citizens, we seek to understand society from a higher level, as the sands shift beneath us. As our foundations shatter, we hear the clamor of our fellow citizens who want answers that elude us. We discover that we need to learn together how to unearth heretofore hidden solutions. 

At Progressive Liberty Movement, we believe the best starting point is to collectively elicit sources of optimism, to excavate positivism. Together we must face fear head on and push aside the negative. Once we face fear, and have each other's backs, we can glimpse the light in the distance. We can begin to breathe again.

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We persuade ourselves to inhale a deep breath and sense an optimistic future. It may be sheerly intuitive, but it's there, somewhere. Our intuitive optimism gives us the space to search for prospects and to hypothesize what could be possible. Sometimes reluctantly, sometimes eagerly, we embark on a path to test our hypotheses; it's nearly always hard. But we persevere. If we learn that our hypotheses are correct, we move forward; if they're off base, we bravely test other directions. We eventually make progress toward our goal, often with the help of others with different orientations ("mentors"). We become more creative. Gradually the light grows brighter, as we move closer toward our goal. We begin to sense moisture trickle into our thirsty reservoirs and then to fill faster. Finally we arrive. Low and behold, we feel confident, even happy. Our success grows along with our happiness. The happier we are, the more successful we become. We discover that our success revolves around happiness, like the planets revolve around the sun. 

We have discovered the source of optimism, of positivism. Our Progressive Liberty Movement Solutions Mindset enables us to learn how to have our voices heard and our words to have impact. We have learned to create the solutions we want to see.

Once we achieve a Solutions Mindset, we realize that our elected representatives must respect our voices and share our goals. We seek common solutions; maybe our solutions aren't identical, but they're close enough. We vote for those representatives who have listened to us and serve our common needs. We have become Solutions Voters.

Solutions Voters encompass the communities who recognize the importance of having our voices heard. We understand that our elected representatives must be problem-solvers, who, like us, seek viable solutions that address our common needs.

Common needs can come in different flavors; the same solutions won’t be exactly right for everyone. But with the Progressive Liberty Movement's model of a Solutions Mindset, communities openly discuss areas of disagreement with respect and civility. Tribalism doesn’t fit our model, nor does hate speech. We agree to disagree while we work together towards those solutions that are most suitable to our common good. We are indeed "in this together".

Leigh Teece, CEO Progressive Liberty Movement

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