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By George Heckman

The commission on Presidential Debates has canceled the upcoming presidential debate. Trump rejected the proposed “virtual” debate, calling it “a waste of time”.

This upcoming presidential debate is still scheduled to happen, in person, on October 22nd at Belmont University. This could change if Trump continues to test positive for Covid-19.

To this author, canceling the debate looks bad for Trump. Only two months earlier, Trump was suggesting that Biden was mentally too weak to debate him, which we now know is unmerited.

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Biden’s willingness to continue with the upcoming debate makes him look stronger. Canceling the debate pokes holes in Trump’s appearance of confidence.

The media is portraying the cancelation as a surrender by Trump, when in fact Trump simply requested that the date be moved back until an in-person debate can be held. Biden’s campaign persists in rejecting an in-person debate due to “safety concerns”.

According to Trump’s campaign manager, Stephan Miller, ”We’ll pass on this sad excuse to bail out Joe Biden and do a rally instead.”

Clearly, many questions and concerns are still outstanding regarding the authenticity of a virtual debate. Can true ability be manipulated behind the mask of a computer screen? Trump says yes. Biden disagrees.

Let life live.