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We are tired of watching the world in chaos, too. We want to do something about it, and you are invited to join us.

We are a group of friends and acquaintances, all with different life experiences and points of view, who were surprised to find themselves in alignment on one simple truth—the world is divided, and it doesn’t need to be.

So we talked about it, about ourselves and each other, and how important it is to work together—across borders, aisles, disagreements, and walls. We believe the best society is one where we respect one another’s choices and freedoms. A live and let-live mentality. A centrist view of policy making. And accepting that what is good for another need not detract from what is good for you.

The keys that make this possible are respect, and empathy, and there is no greater way to gain these than to open up and share your experiences—your stories. We shared our stories with each other, and now we will share them with you, over the next week, in the hope that they will inspire you to join us in this growing movement.

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If you read our stories then you know how many different backgrounds are captured in this small group, and how each of us has experienced our own blessings and hardships in life. But no matter who we are, or were, or may yet become—we are just people, like you, and those you love, and those you hate. Before this, we were just strangers to you, but now you have insight into who we are. If you are like us then that means you care at least a little more about us and our lives. We care too. Caring is the way forward. Share your story, make your voice heard, be part of the future, join the movement, quell the chaos and hate that is driving us apart.