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We get a lot of advice on "how to be happy". But we need solid research to get the results we want. The place to start is Martin Seligman. I call him the "father of positive psychology" because of his work that transformed our perspective from negative to positive psychology. 

Here's what we read at first blush on Amazon:

"You can acquire optimism and significantly improve your life! Are you an optimist or a pessimist? How often do you take on exciting new projects or celebrate your successes? Now psychologist Martin E.P. Seligman, one of the world's experts on motivation, shows you how to chart a new approach to living with "flexible optimism." Dr. Seligman's principles of reasoned, flexible optimism will help you rise above pessimism and the depression that accompanies negative thoughts.

Learned Optimism shows you how to:

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  • Attain maximum personal achievement
  • Boost your mood - and your immune system - with healthful thoughts
  • Help your children by practicing the patterns of thought that encourage optimism at an early age
  • Change your interior dialogue and experience the astonishing positive results."

I highly recommend that you look up his works to learn how you can cultivate optimism, even in these painful times of COVID-19. Please do write back and tell us what you think.