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The world is constantly changing. We are encircled by increasing chaos. Right now we’re living in the unimagined chaos of COVID-19 and the tragedy of George Floyd's death.

But we’re not powerless in this pandemic. We have innumerable opportunities to help our communities. How? Below are the four principles from our partners at "In This Together"


E Pluribus Unum
We’re not all the same, but we are a family.
We don’t always agree, but we are not at war.
From many, we are one, not in a melting pot, but a complex social fabric.
In the spirit of caring, connection, and creation we embrace four principles:

  • No Enemies – We work through our conflicts to find solutions.
  • No Denial – We face facts, discuss our differences, and resolve them.
  • No Excuses – We each do our part – every citizen, leader, and business.
  • No Delay – We each take action together, now.

We are all in this together, and our differences make us whole. 

We take advantage of rapidly improving technology infrastructures that can help us to connect with each other and collaborate in rich ways across great distances.

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We live the change we want to see as we come out the other end of this pandemic.

We create the world we want to see.

We make history by each and every action we take.

The Progressive Liberty Movement offers a uniquely powerful platform for you to create this better world. We’ve opened this platform to the world of problem-solving explorers who seek to find solutions to today’s problems.

There’s never been a time in history where such an opportunity has been so important.

We invite you to join with us to weave a new community.