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Our goal at Progressive Liberty is to achieve a Solutions Mindset that empowers each of us to have impact. We want to feel more certain, to ease our fear by having more control over outcomes that affect us personally.

Who are we at Progressive Liberty? A diverse group of women and men acting on forces that stifle free speech. We put our precious time and our resources behind our beliefs so we can meet in the center. Progressive Liberty is a labor of love. The outcome of our passions.

It's clear that society is now dangerously polarized. Don't we need to unite behind solutions, rather than behind voices that divide us in endless battles? These battles threaten the environment, our economy and our very social fabric. 

Rather than succumbing to the “warrior” left or right that drive us to align with extremes, why not come together to seek solutions that are important to us? Let's meet where we agree.

We'll never all agree on everything, but don't we have a better chance of survival if we find this middle ground?

In the middle ground, we can focus more clearly on reasonable solutions to problems important to us, rather than endless bickering.

In the middle ground, we can identify political candidates who work hard to achieve reasonable solutions to our most pressing problems.

In the middle ground, we devise solutions. We develop a Solutions Mindset.  

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A Solutions Mindset gives us the clarity to see what we want from our elected representatives. And to vote for candidates who reassuringly strive for solutions with which we agree.

A Solutions Mindset empowers us to become Solutions Voters. 

We don’t want people or politicians to tell us what to think and do, who take extreme positions that may force us to behave in ways that we don’t like.

We want honest lawmakers who truly represent our interests, as we identify them.

We need to come together to reduce polarization, grow our communities and drive solutions on issues like the environment, equality, education, criminal justice, immigration and other priorities that we ourselves bring to the table. We are speaking up. 

If you are like us, you are an individual who wants to engage in civil discourse. To speak up on a platform that respects human dignity. We call this platform Progressive Liberty, because we believe in progress, solutions and liberty.

Our rules of engagement are simple: transparency, integrity, civility and authenticity. You can express different opinions and discuss them politely. Our platform doesn't allow tribalism, hate speech or nastiness. We don't censor content. We do disable hate-speech.

To make progress toward the solutions we each seek, Progressive Liberty invites you to use our platform to express yourself. We invite you to speak up. 

To begin, tell us what problems you'd like to solve.