The Partisan Obsession Over Masks Is Getting Weird. Especially Considering...

Have masks become a partisan symbol causing people to overlook a key issue regarding COVID-19?
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There has been a highly contentious debate regarding the efficaciousness of masks and their ability to stop the virus from spreading. The topic has become a partisan hot-button issue that has caused the American public to disregard one key fact - there is too much obsession and outrage over wearing, or not wearing, masks and seemingly no one is obsessing over the fact that there are actually successful solutions for COVID-19 that U.S. citizens are being deprived of for political reasons. Dr. Luis Herrera who invented the drug Interferon Alfa 2-B almost 40 years ago said,"The world has an opportunity to understand that health is not a commercial asset but a basic right" in a recent interview with Telesur. The statement above is referring to the success Interferon has had, at an affordable price, in the countries, like Cuba and China, battling the wide spread Corona Virus. Most Americans are not even aware this COVID "miracle drug" exists, let alone its touted success. In Cuba alone, the drug has been so successful that the country was able to declare that it has defeated the deadly virus. In the above video, Niko House details the damage that can be caused by allowing bad actors to convince the public to focus on the wrong issues in life or death situations like the one created by the COVID-19 pandemic.