Only 3% Of Bernie Voters Have Donated To Joe Biden. Could This Be 2016 2.0?


According to The Wall Street Journal, only 60,000 out of Bernie Sanders' 2.2 million unique donors have donated to Joe Biden's campaign for the 2020 election cycle. This means that LESS than 3% of Sanders' has bought into Joe Biden's candidacy enough to donate their money to him.

Although we cannot totally attribute the lack of donations to dissatisfaction with Biden's campaign, given the economic crises the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, we still cannot ignore what history has taught us about the implications of a presidential candidate who cannot get significant support from the base their main primary opponent. In the segment above, Niko House gives his explanation as to why Senator Sanders' base isn't flocking to Biden, despite the senator constantly asking them to.

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Joe Biden as nothing but a corporate democrat that is bought and sold by the big pharmaceutical companies and big Health Insurance companies than he does worry about making his dollars more wealthier than making the American people's lives more better . Because if he cared about the American people he would be promoting Medicare for all these not doing that ! For 40 years the republicans and corporate democrats have been making deals for their self's to benefit themselves and not the people and that we have the main news networks do never ties made money from big Health Insurance companies that promise of all companies than they will not tell the truth about them because they will be biting the hand that feeds them . I tell people that we have to go green party and they look at me like I have three heads off my shoulders but that's not a good thing because I have three times the power of intelligence that for 40 years I can sit in the American people does get robbed than like to buy the two party system . And now it's time to put the green party and the White House because they care for humanity than the beneficial of the American people not like the two party system of the corporate democrats than republicans because there are the good ole boy club working behind closed doors benefiting each other . Because people need a start: the money that figure out why these politicians are becoming millionaires and billionaires because something is not right .